Get ready for MRV Regulation

Get ready for MRV Regulation


If your ships visit EU ports – now is the time to act for MRV

From 2018, ships (over 5000 grt) using EU ports are required to report verified annual emissions and other relevant information. – The MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) Regulation

The MRV Regulation will apply irrespective of where a vessel is registered. All ships (over 5000 grt) must begin monitoring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for voyages to, from, between and including port stays in the EU.

You must be prepared to monitor and maintain annual, as well as per-voyage reports on the following:

  • Departure and arrival ports and related departure/arrival times
  • CO2 emitted for fuel consumed
  • Distance travelled
  • Time spent at sea
  • Details of the cargo carried

Calculations of CO2 emissions are based on the fuel consumption for voyages starting or terminating at any EU port. Owners must decide which approved method or combinations they will use to determine fuel consumption.

  • Bunker Fuel Delivery Note (BDN) and periodic stock takes of fuel tanks
  • Bunker fuel tank monitoring on board
  • Flow meters for applicable combustion processes
  • Direct CO2 emissions measurements

What must you do now?

  • By 30 August 2017 submit a Monitoring Plan to an accredited verifier, giving clear documentation of the monitoring procedures for each vessel.
  • From 1st January 2018 monitor and report to an accredited MRV shipping verifier data on each ships’ CO2, fuel consumption and other parameters including distance, time at sea and cargo carried to determine the ships’ average energy efficiency.
  • From 2019 by 30 April of each year submit verified emissions report electronically to the commission for each of the ships concerned.
  • From 2019 by 30 June of each year ensure that all ships carry a document of compliance issued by an accredited MRV shipping verifier. This might be subject to inspections by Member States’ authorities.

SDSD can help you with the following:

  • Help you minimize the impact of increased data management each year for MRV.
  • Help you review any existing reporting systems and develop plans for collection and reporting fuel consumption and transport work data in line with the regulation.
  • Provide you with an integrated and secure data management platform to maintain voyage data integrity and the related calculations for MRV reporting. (Our platform is cloud based and customizable to your exact needs, hence no need for additional hardware or database licenses).
  • Provide you with one-off/ad hoc integrations, connectors or plug-ins into your existing in-house applications to cater for your specific reporting needs.